The 100 Club Fremantle SLSC

How the $100 club works

A donor commits to donating $100 per annum to FMSLSC for three years, being a total of $300 over three years. 

The club will thank the donor by displaying their name as a member of the $100 Club on the new honour board prominently located in the main entry to the clubhouse at Leighton Beach. 

The $100 Club is flexible with names and can include variations of individuals, pairs of names or multiple names. Name examples are:

A single name                   RONALD ARMSTRONG

A couple                             JULIE AND RONALD ARMSTRONG


A family style 2                 The ARMSTRONG FAMILY

A couple of friends          RORY LOBB AND JOSH KENNEDY

NOTE: the size of the nameplate is fixed so the more letters you have the smaller the font of each name


FMSLSC 100 Club Register



  • No business names.
  • Nameplates are not produced until the first payment is received. 
  • Nameplates will fill across left to right starting at the top line down.
  • Names will be added to the honour board on a monthly basis. 
  • The name on the receipt will be considered to be the donor controlling the ongoing display name. 
  • Donations to FMSLSC are tax deductible for eligible persons. 
  • The club reserves the right to not accept donations at its complete discretion
  • The club reserves the right to remove nameplates at its complete discretion. 
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