Thank you Nick Palmer

At the end of season Rower’s Windup Nick Palmer was presented with a beautifully crafted model surf boat by the Fremantle surf rowers as a sign of appreciation for all of his efforts not only this season but for the last decade.

Nick constantly encourages, mentors and motivates rowers and sweeps. He is always trying to find new rowers, and knows that participation in a team sport is a key factor to retaining members, particularly youth.

Has built a strong culture of going out of pushing for success and giving back and helping out around the club. He organises registrations for carnivals and make sure everyone is financial and has patrol hours.

Puts in countless hours maintaining the boats and arranges all necessary repairs that often goes unseen or unnoticed.

Nick is always the first to jump in to fill in to row or to sweep.

He manages and develops the relationships with sponsors like Alex Bajada and Larry Tilburry, as well as our officials in Barbara and Greg Whipp and Peter Wyburn.

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