Fremantle Surf Club Patrol Information

Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club’s patrol area extends from Sand Tracks Beach, all the way up to Mosman Dog Beach, a stretch of over 4km. The patrolling season traditionally starts in the beginning of October through to the start of April, and is patrolled on weekends and Public Holidays. 

With popular swimming and beach areas at Port Beach and Leighton Beach; Fremantle Surf Club dedicates a patrol team and flagged area at each beach. Roving (by foot), vehicle and sea patrols run simultaneously across the entire 4km coastline (including the dog beach), providing the public with first class lifesaving.

Patrol Information

If your names does not appear on the patrol team lists and you have a current bronze medallion or SRC award, then we would love to hear from you and assign you a patrol for the coming season, so please email us at [email protected]

Minimum Annual Patrol Hour Requirements for Competition

All members who wish to compete at any SLSA or SLSWA “championship” competition (including Regional, Branch, State and Australian Championships; for all competition including Open, Age, Masters, Pool, IRB, Endurance, ILS and ILS member country Championships) must carry out required patrol, in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the SLSA Policy “Eligibility to compete in SLSA competition; Doc No.5.04” (all other requirements are also listed in this policy).

FMSLSC Patrol requirement for competition is summarised as:

  • Table below is applicable for U15 through to Masters with current Bronze Medallion Award (BM) and U15 with current Surf Rescue Certificate Award (SRC).
  • U14s (with SRC Award) are exempt of all patrol hour requirement for U14 competitions, UNLESS they wish to age up to U15 team events, at which time the U15 (with SRC award) patrol hours requirements apply, as per table below.
  • All personal patrol hours are logged up to 31st Dec of current year (includes all patrol hours from Jan though to Dec) for all SLSWA and SLSA “championship” competitions to be held in following year (State Championships, Aussies, etc).
  • Patrol hours for FMSLSC include Rostered Patrol, Substitute Patrols and Water Safety for junior activities and sports carnivals (not including Surf Sports training). Other patrol hours can be included but will need prior approval from Patrol Officer. Refer to SLSA Policy above for further details
When Award was gained?Minimum Personal Patrol Hours Required – BMMinimum Personal Patrol Hours Required – SRC (U15s only)
Previous Year/s1616
January (of current year)1616
February (of current year)1515
March (of current year)1212
April through to November (of current year)88
December (of current year)44
All members with a current bronze medallion and 20hrs of patrol can also compete at FMSLSC club championship events (open category).