Message In Motion ~ money for the Club & YOU

Volunteers Needed

Want to raise money for the Club and get paid?

YOU GET: $30 per week for the duratin of the campaign

CLUB GETS: $30 per driver per week for duration of the campaign (this could buy much needed equipment IRB Motor; Malibu Racing Boards, Education & Life Saving equipment)


  • Be over 25
  • Have held a valid Australian drivers’ license for 5years Regularly drive 150km per week


  • Drive as you always do
  • Logon to the app
  • Have a road safety message placed on your rear window

Within the registration, you will be asked to nominate your club.

Message in Motion are set to run another road safety campaign in September which is expected to run longer than the last.

Please let Admin know if you are interested in participating in Septembers campaign.  

Family and friends are welcome ~ [email protected]

Please call the office if you have any questions 9335 4359


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