IRB State Championships – 20th June – Registrations are Open

Registrations are now open for IRB State Championships   –  Click here to register  –  registrations close 1pm Tuesday 15th June.

The WA IRB State Championships are being held at Mullaloo Beach on Sunday 20 June 2021 with events starting at 8am.
The order of events are as follows
• 35+ Female Tube Rescue
• 35+ Male Tube Rescue
• Female Tube Rescue
• Male Tube Rescue
• 35+ Female Teams Rescue
• 35+ Male Teams Rescue
• Female Teams Rescue
• Male Teams Rescue
• 35+ Female Mass Rescue
• 35+ Male Mass Rescue
• Female Mass Rescue
• Male Mass Rescue
• 35+ Female Single Rescue
• 35+ Male Single Rescue
• Female Single Rescue
• Male Single Rescue
• Open Mixed Rescue Relay

Medals and Presentations:
Medal will be presented directly after the conclusion of all events in the Mullaloo SLSC





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