IntraClub Surf Sports Sunday Points Events

Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club Surf Sports Committee are seeking three volunteers to help run our exciting new Intraclub points events on Sunday mornings.

With the success of our club swims this season we would like to add other club events including sprints, flags, boards and distance running to our Sunday program on rotation.

We require a planner, timekeeper and record keeper to help make this happen.


The roles are:

  • Planner/manager

Good with computer and spreadsheets, rosters events each week, creates spreadsheet with unique competitor number system, liaises with record keeper and communicates with Club admin to advertise weekly events and update members (via newsletter) on weekly 1st/2nd/3rd male/female winners in each age group, manages handicaps for swims, long runs and sprints, enters points into spreadsheet etc

  • Timekeeper

Weekly timekeeper or support for each event, helps with organising people for events, starter of events.

  • Record keeper

Notes weekly order of events, records placings, helps timekeeper with organising people for events.


For more information about what’s involved please email Cath Morgan [email protected]


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