Joint Training Sessions with St John Paramedics

During March, our club conducted two full-day joint training exercises with St John Paramedics. The first Paramedic group had just completed their first three months of ‘College’ training and had little or no field experience; the second group was just a day away from completing their final exam before hitting the roads !

Eight different scenarios covering a wide range of injuries – such as burns, electric shock and broken leg, spinal injuries due to collapse and fall down the tower stairs as well as conventional CPR – tested not only the Paramedics’ abilities to manage the injuries but also how to best extricate the patients from some difficult locations ! The exercises were also valuable for our club members (particularly new Patrol Captains) who took part, in terms of how to conduct a proper handover to the Paramedics but then also how to jointly work together in managing the incident.

Feedback form the St John trainers was that the exercises were received enthusiastically and really valuable for their teams, and prompted some clear and creative thinking about how they were going to get their patients out of danger. Our Clubbies also saw the value in seeing how the Paramedics work and how we can best support them. St John are considering asking us to run further exercises with them again in the near future.

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