Port Beach Parking

For reasons of safety, Fremantle Ports is making some changes to the way vehicles access its land on the east side of Port Beach Road, adjacent to Fremantle Surf Club. For some time, vehicles seeking a place to park have been driving over the kerb on the bend, near the intersection of Port Beach Road and Leighton Beach Boulevard. From Wednesday 21st January, this access will be restricted by the placement of limestone boulders along the port’s boundary line, preventing vehicle ingress and egress at that northern end. Fremantle Ports is not preventing parking on its land, but vehicles will have to use the entry point further south on Port Beach Road.
Following consultation with Main Roads WA, Fremantle Ports has taken this action because beach-goers, including children, have then been walking across Port Beach Road in that dangerous bend location, where driver visibility is restricted and vehicles often travel around the curve fast. In addition, constant vehicles moving across the kerb on the bend have denuded vegetation, resulting in sand blowing on to the road and vehicles getting bogged across the kerb. That has, in turn, put others at risk while recovering vehicles on the road reserve.
Fremantle Ports is keen that surf club members and other beach users are aware of this change and act safely and responsibly.

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