Our Volunteers

Hi all Nippers, Youth and Parents,

I hope that you have all been enjoying your season so far and are pumped and ready to go as we get busier over the coming weeks.

We need your help!!..

 Our club is founded on a culture of volunteering and the Nipper and Youth programs that we run wouldn’t exist without the awesome group of Age Group Managers, Youth Managers, Coaches, Canteen Helpers, Sports Coordinators, Trainers, Water Safety, Officials, Uniform Shop and the many other people that donate their time, effort and knowledge to guide our Nippers and Youth through the wide range of activities that happen every weekend over the season, and sometimes over winter..

With the second half of the season now underway, and only getting busier each week with the usual activities on the beach, carnivals, club champ events, state championships etc etc it is important that we all step up and do our bit to help out wherever possible.  With ongoing weekend activities, and especially the Little Nipper Carnival that we are hosting on the 9th February and also the Fremantle Ocean Classic on the 15th February, we will need a lot of volunteers to help make these events a success.

So a couple of points as reminders to everybody to make it easier on our AGMs:

  • A reminder to all Nipper parents: For all Nippers U6-U13, a responsible adult must be on the beach at all times whilst Nipper activities are going on. No adult = No participation. If parents have more than one Nipper in different age groups, then those parents, please ensure that your AGM knows which Age Group that you are at so that you are able to be located in the event of an emergency.  The younger age groups (U6/U7) usually require 1:1 ratios with parents as well especially when in the water. By the way, on the beach, means down on the Sand in the vicinity of your Nipper’s activities unless you let your AGM know where you are, eg helping up at the Canteen etc.  
  • Parents, can you also please make sure that your Nipper signs in with the AGM when activities start, and signs out with the AGM before leaving. It causes the AGMs a great deal of angst trying to locate children that haven’t signed out and we do not want to have to close the beach and start searching for children that may or may not be lost.
  • Please remember to look after our equipment. It all needs to be returned to the club after each session, washed down and stored correctly. Your AGM should never be seen having to carry boards and equipment etc back up to the club, so please do not leave the beach empty handed after activities are over and your Nipper has signed out.
  • Please remember that your AGMs are all volunteers who have put their hand up to create the safe and fun environment and activities for your Nipper. Please be respectful, considerate, understanding and support them by helping in anyway you can, especially when they ask for assistance.. They are a fantastic team of people that come down nearly every weekend to help run the activities, sometimes even when their own Nipper isn’t there.

 And just as a reminder as we can’t survive without our volunteers, below are some examples of where we need to help our Club provide the Nipper and Youth Programs:

  • AGMs: Your AGMs are all volunteers, and we only have a few per each age group. The more AGMS we have, the better we can run our activities and share the workload. So why not put your hand up and have a go. It is a fantastic rewarding experience.
  • Nipper Activity Help: Frequently your AGMs will need help with coordinating activities, such as beach flags, relays, games etc etc. Please jump in and help where you can.
  • Water Safety: For U8s-U13s up, we are required to provide 1 Water Safety person for every 5 Nippers in the water. The less water safety an age group has, the less time our Nippers will be able to spend in the water.  AGMs shouldn’t have to act as water safety as well as trying to coordinate the activities.  What better way to get involved with your child in an activity that they love than by getting your Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and being out in the water encouraging them along! You do not have to be an elite athlete to get your SRC, or even better, your Bronze Medallion.
  • Beach Setup/Packup: Every Sunday an Age Group is rostered on to set the beach up for the day’s activities, and to pack up. If your Age Group is rostered on, please help your AGMs by volunteering to get down a bit earlier on the day to help get the beach setup for the day’s events. It is only a few times a season. Also please don’t leave the beach until everything is packed up as well.
  • Canteen Help: Parent help from the Age Group rostered on for beach setup is also required in the Canteen on the day. The more volunteers there are, the less time people have to be off the beach and the more the load is shared around.
  • Carnivals and other events: Help is always required. If it is an away carnival, help is needed to load the trailer with all the boards, tents etc a day or 2 before the carnival, drive the trailer to the carnival, and then unload at the carnival. Then during the carnival, help is required to marshal the Nippers etc to ensure that they get to events on time. The club is also required to supply its quota of Water Safety at the appropriate time, and also the quota of Officials. If we don’t, as a club we will either be ineligible to compete, or we will have to reduce the numbers of competitors.  On completion of the carnival, all of our equipment needs to be packed up, reloaded on the trailer, returned to the club and washed down and put away. Please don’t leave your AGMs, Sports Coordinators and a few others to do it all. Many hands makes light work.

For home carnivals that we host at our Beach (eg the Little Nipper Carnival coming up on the 9th Feb 20), whilst we don’t need to load/unload the trailer, we also need to setup all of the arenas, operate the canteen, and also pack up the beach after all of the events are over.

  • Officials: For all those parents with competing Nippers and Youth, please remember that the club must provide 1 Official to 15 Competitors at events, so whilst we would all like to watch our own kids compete, the more officials we have, the more the load can be shared around.. It isn’t fair on those few officials that volunteer as they tend to miss out on seeing their own kids compete…
  • Trainers and Coaches: All the Trainers and Coaches that you see running the various SRC, BM, AGM, IRB courses and regular training sessions for sports and other activities are all volunteers as well and we are always looking for more to help out..  As our club continues to grow, we need to run more courses and we don’t want to burn our trainers out so please if you would like to give it a go, put your hand up to become a trainer. If you have a particular skill set and could assist our coaches with some of the training sessions, it would be great if you were able to help out for a bit. 

As you can see, there is a huge amount of volunteering that goes on around the club, so I would like to take this opportunity to recognise and thank all those that have put their hands up to take on a role this season, or just to help out in whatever task is required. We couldn’t do this without you all. And even more so, thanks to all you Nippers, Youth and Parents that get down to the club on the weekends and make our club such a great place to be.

Thanks everyone, and hope that you have an awesome time for the remainder of the season and good luck to all of our members competing at the various event over the coming months.

John Skipsey
Director of Development.

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